Certified Course List

Diverse Big Data and Turn That into Actionable Insights.

At ROI, we live for results through better leverage of insights from data! We glean it from all available sources, analyze it, and make certain you can leverage it to support your business. As a result, we focus not only on what the data means, but also how to use it to develop actionable solutions. Having information is important; knowing how to use it is critical.

As one of the first global training companies in the world to be certified at all three levels of the CMA guidelines across all 33 modules, ROI is able to take the CMA content and build on it using our knowledge and expertise from more than 25 years in the industry.

Category Management Certificate Levels
Basic Industry Knowledge
Category Management History and Processes
Pricing Analysis
Promotion Analysis
Assortment Analysis
Spreadsheet Development
Presentation Development
Syndicated Scanner Data
Syndicated Panel Data
Retailer POS Data Analysis
Space Planning Software
Relational Databases
Presenting Effectively
Relational Databases
Presenting Effectively
Ethical Expectations and Legal Implications
Space Management
Syndicated Store Level Data
Syndicated Geodemographic/Behavioral Data
Root Cause Analysis
Comprehensive Category Reviews
Understanding Category Shopper Behavior
Retailer Economics and Supply Chain
Customer Relationship Management
Joint Business Planning and Value Creation
Collaborative Partnerships
Consultative Selling
Understanding Shopper Behavior Beyond the Category
Retailer Shopper Segmentation
Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions
Leveraging Data for Advanced Assortment Solutions
Advanced Pricing Analysis
Advanced Promotion Analysis